Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine Vs Diode Laser For Dark Skin

Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine Vs Diode Laser For Dark SkinLaser epilation is a promising procedure that can help you decrease your hair’s thickness or presence for good! Read on to learn the difference between a Yag laser hair removal machine and a Diode laser, which might be more suitable for your skin and hair type based on user reviews.

If you are looking for the ultimate method of laser hair removal effectiveness, many consumers have said that Yag laser hair removal is top notch for dark skinned users because it helps minimize post-treatment blistering and pigment change, which is a common side effect of laser on certain skin types. They also remarked about the importance of getting any kind of Yag laser hair removal from a board-certified dermatologist to ensure the highest level of safety and success. Certified specialist have profound understanding of a laser hair removal dark skin side effects to ensure the best results.

Many doctors weigh in on this pressing topic as well. The general consensus from the doctors is using epilation by using Yag machine. This is because the system has a better laser wavelength than a diode laser. Doctors also state that slight inflammation is normal for women with darker skin and hair, and means you have received an effective treatment. However, on average, as many as 6 treatments may be needed to see a noticeable difference in the texture and amount of hair that remains on your body.

If you are considering Brazilian laser hair removal, which is performed in the most private and sensitive areas of your body, many also highly recommend Yag machine over diode epilation for dark skin. Many women have had a safe and successful experience and have remarked that they notice a huge difference in the texture and amount of hair in their pubic region in as little as three treatments.

Keep in mind, both types of laser treatments are costly and can ring you up to $500 per treatment. If you need at least 3 to 6 treatments, you are looking at spending nearly $3,000!

Without a doubt, it seems that Yag laser hair removal is the way to go, rather than utilizing a diode laser if you have dark skin that may be difficult to treat. After a number of treatments, you should notice major difference with the hair on your body with little to no side effects at all!

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