Weave in Hair Extensions Vs Clip in Compared

Weave in Hair ExtensionsIf you desire to give your hair length and fullness with hair extensions, you need to decide if weave in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions are for you. Read on to learn about these different types of hair extensions and which one is best suited for your hair and lifestyle needs.

Weft hair extensions are easy to install, but may require salon assistance when adhering them to your head. Something called a plait is created which involves your own hair from you head and the hair of the extension. It lines up across the back of your head from one edge to the other and is put in two to three rows. The sewing of the hair extensions is secure and stays in place until you are ready to have them removed. You can wash and style weave in hair extensions and even color them if they are made of Brazilian human hair extensions or other natural hair.

Clip in pieces are very similar to weave in hair extensions in that they can be washed, colored, dried, and even styled with heated tools. They are also more popular because they are the easiest temporary hair extensions to apply and remove. Although many hair salons offer them, you do not actually require assistance from a salon professional to install them or withdraw them. In addition to the rich variety of natural hair shades, they also come in funky and vibrant colors to give some pep to your day to day or evening look. Some even have feathers that can be clipped in with real or synthetic hair.

Weave in extensions are slightly more expensive than clip in extensions. This is because you are purchasing a row of hair, rather than a small clump of individual strands to place in areas when and as needed.

Clip in hair extensions may even be considered to be safer than weave in extensions. If you get your hair accidentally stuck or snagged on something you can easily unhook the clip in your hair. Weave in hair extensions can loosen or even need to be cut if a similar situation arises, resulting in wasted money, time, and not to mention an unsightly look.

If you are considering natural or synthetic hair extensions, there are pros and cons of both kinds. If you are in need of a durable, day to day look in which you wish to maintain your extensions for a long period of time, opt for weave in hair extensions. If you plan to clip them in from time to time to give your look an update or some edge, opt for clip ins!

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