Top 5 Organic Ammonia Free Hair Color Brands Reviewed!

Top 5 Organic Ammonia Free Hair Color Brands Reviewed!If you plan on dying your hair, consider using ammonia free hair color. Read on to learn about the top 5 organic hair color brands that got rave reviews from home users so that you also can achieve a beautiful color without the harmful chemicals!

1. Organic Color Systems claims to be the world’s first ammonia free hair color brand that is 100% oraganic certified. There are absolutely no formaldehyde or paraben compounds used and no other questionable ingredients as well. The hair color boasts complete gray coverage and comes in an array of shimmering shades providing amazing results with zero damage. Some users claim it was the best dye they had ever used since they noticed no damage after a coloring session compared to their previous experiences with ammonia hair dyes. The dye comes highly recommended not only by users, but stylists as well since they feel they are in a safer work environment!

2. Naturtint hair color is another top ammonia free color brand used by many eco-conscious salon professionals. This is because it contains only plant based ingredients. The brand boasts 29 amazing colors and contains no other ingredients that may damage your hair or irritate your scalp. Users also noticed the color to be very radiant and long lasting.

3. Special Effects hair dye is considered to be the number one vegetable hair dye by users. The dye is said to last long, appear rich in color, not easily dye the skin surrounding the hair line, and be very affordable. The ammonia free hair color actually is composed of natural ingredients that are safe to use and nourishing on the hair.

4. Manic Panic hair dye is also a vegetable hair color dye that is a favorite of users who desire to utilize an organic product. The color is said to turn out very bold and bright, so what you see on the box is certainly what you get. The only customers’ concern to speak of was that the dye was too runny in texture leaving behind some color in the shower, on the back of their necks, and even on pillowcases after a night’s rest. It is suggested you place a towel to protect your pillow for a week or so after the application of color.

5. Certified organic henna powder by It’s Pure Organics can also be used to give your hair a natural looking vibrant tint without the use of ammonia. The only criticism of the powder is that color needs to be touched up much more frequently than dyes that contain chemicals – about every 3 weeks or so.

Ammonia free hair color is a safe way to dye your hair and still achieve great looking results!

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