Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Machine Brands

Laser Hair Removal MachineIf you want permanent hair removal, laser hair removal is definitely an option to consider. You will need to make sure you research laser hair removal machine brands, laser hair removal preparation and other aspects of this process to keep your laser hair removal safe and effective. For example, laser hair removal dark skin tones there can be side effects like scarring to the skin. One good way to educate yourself is to learn about the machines themselves. Here is a list if the top 5 laser hair removal machine brands:

1. Yag laser hair removal is a great laser hair removal machine for dark or tanned skin. The melanin in skin, the greater chance the procedure will not work. The melanin “confuses” the laser and the laser can even begin attacking the epidermis instead of the hair. YAG is a great brand for all hair types and skin types, and is especially sought after for darker skin tones.

2. The “gold standard” of laser hair removal hair machine brands is the Lumenis LightSheer Machine. Not only is it FDA approved, it holds the reputation for having the highest success rate in permanent and safe hair removal.

3. Candela GentleLase offers the Alexandrite laser, which is a top choice for hair removal in large areas of skin.

4. If you have lighter hair, the best machine to use is a broadband laser. The BBL Broadband Light has been adapted for many uses including treating skin conditions and lesions, but there is a version specifically designed for hair removal.

5. Cutera makes a laser hair removal machine called the GEnsis Plus. This machine targets hair removal on feet and toes. It can also be used for athlete’s foot and skin rejuvenation.

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