Top 5 Hair Regrowth Products For Men That Work

 Hair Regrowth Products For MenSo, what exactly causes hair loss in men? Well, let us try to simplify the process. The male hormone, testosterone, becomes DHT. This dihydrotestosterone comes in contact with the hair glands. The hair glands have an enzyme called Type two five- alpha reductase. This enzyme disrupts the male hormones, and DHT then penetrates the hair glands and causes them to shrink. This enzyme also creates a thicker protective scalp membrane, so it actually stops proper blood circulation to your capillaries. Thus, this stops your hair growth from happening. The hair starts shedding, but the hair is not coming back in a new cycle.

So what are some great hair regrowth products for men? First, a quick mention of basic nutritional vitamins and foods to consider adding to your diet to support that hair growth: vitamin B5, zinc, and ginkgo biloba really help support the treatments you will be going through.
After the nutrition has been covered, you should probably also buy a basic hair regrowth shampoo, which will help all your other hair loss products work continuously. This shampoo will help with the hormone – related causes for hair loss and is one of the basic must buys for hair regrowth products for men. Let’s look at the top 5 hair regrowth products for men:

1. MIN Home Maintenance System: This packet has haircare tools which help slow down hair loss. This is a product for 25-40 year olds who have certain baldness or for a man who would like to keep his own hair. The pack has been backed up by research, offering natural plants which contain a fatty acid that stops the 5-alpha reductase enzyme from destroying hair’s healthy cycle. Added are also a combination of Vitamin C, E, and A. These vitamins help eliminate free radicals which might cause scalp damage. Then, added wheat protein makes the hair follicle more resistant. The final products – xanthan gum and glycerin help moisturize the scalp and prevent irritation. This package offers a final hair wash which also contains natural moisturizing agents, all in all not a bad packet for hair loss products for men.

2. DHT Inhibitors: these products will lower the levels of the DHT hormone, and this means the hair glands have more room to thrive with more blood flow to the scalp. The brand names to consider are Revivogen and Propecia; well- known inhibitors. These are pretty much the DHT traffic cops you want to befriend before buying any other hair regrowth products for men.

3. Hair Growing Stimulant Products: We will suggest Rogaine foam and Tricomin, the more well – known hair regrowth brands. The stimulants can help with new hair, but they do not stop the cause. Hence, it is recommended to use this candidate for best hair regrowth products for men in combination with DHT inhibitors.

4. Antiandrogen: The name you will see is Topical Spironolactone. This cream blocks the DHT from even reaching hair glands. Thus, men can avoid the dreaded result of lower DHT. This is another scientific take and a regrowth solution with a different outlook.

5. Anti – Inflammatories: The final discussed regrowth product will help lower the scalp side effects of itching and flakes. These are usual side effects of the scalp not functioning optimally. These guys will protect and open the gate towards effective hair treatment. Without anti- inflammatories, there is no point. According to, one of the best shampoo for thinning hair men brand, Nizoral shampoo, acts as an anti-inflammatory when used more sparingly- every 3 to 4 days.

In conclusion, most and best hair growth products for men contain an active ingredient named minoxidil. It is found in Rogaine and other hair loss brands and has a concentration of maximum five percent. Men can probably use the maximum while women usually use two percent.

Attacking hair loss effectively involves is a combination of hair regrowth products for men, a healthy diet, and possibly vitamin supplements to boost your immune system and, consequently, slow down the hair loss. It is a wise and well thought out investment of your time, money, and research skills, in order for you to take charge of your own aesthetic and even emotionally – sound future.

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