Top 10 Wedding Hairdos For Long Hair

Wedding Hairdos For Long HairWhen preparing for your wedding day, choosing the right hairdo is almost as important as picking the perfect wedding dress. There are many wonderful wedding hairdos for long hair as well as wedding updos for medium length hair. Below is a list of the top 10 wedding hairdos for long hair. When considering wedding hairdos for long hair make sure that your selection goes well with the actual wedding dress and occasion. For example, if you are going for a destination beach wedding, a tight updo bun might not be right for the occasion, choose free flowing tresses with just enough wave. And on the opposite side, if you are planning a more formal wedding occasion, choose more formal or retro hairstyles to match the classier event.

1. Classic updo – This is a classic for a reason. It almost always works. This is great for any texture, curly or straight. This is mostly used for the very formal wedding.

2. Modern updo – This is very similar to the classic updo, but it is much softer and romantic with its beautifully tousled effect.

3. Leave it long – This is great if you want one of the wedding hairstyles with headband. This will leave you many choices on your headgear for your big day.

4. Curly style – With this style you can add tons of curls and do a partial updo with beautiful curls falling around your shoulders.

5. Luxurious wavy style – Have soft waves throughout your hair and pull them to the side and over your shoulder.

6. Low ponytail – Gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Pick one thick hair piece from the bottom of your ponytail and twist it over the base of the ponytail hiding the ends with a few bobby pins. This will give a sleek and sophisticated look that can be completed with a beautiful floral accent.

7. High bun – This is great for long thick hair especially in the summer months. It will keep your hair off your neck and add height.

8. Formal chignon – This is a beautiful intricate up do at the base of the neck. This will show off the back of your gown.

9. Full wavy hairstyle – This is one of the best wedding hairdos for long hair. You can add a bit of drama as well as attention to the long train of your gown.

10. Retro chic – this is a wonderful faux pompadour which adds texture and poufiness. For an extra effect place a jeweled clip above one ear.

Whichever of these great shoulder length hair styles that you choose for your day be sure to experiment with them well before you walk down the aisle. In addition to these hair styles there are also many beautiful short hair styles for fine hairr.

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