Top 10 Organic Hair Dye Brands

Organic Hair DyeThere is no such thing as a truly organic hair dye on the market today. If you want all natural hair dyes, you will have to make them! The process will take time if you use henna or a vegetable hair dye. You will have to re-dye your hair often to maintain the color or you will have to dye it many times to create the color that you want as the natural hair products will not be strong enough to color your hair on the first session. You can find ammonia free hair color or hair dye brands that contain a very small amount of harsh chemical. Here is a list of the top 10 organic hair dye brands:

1. One of the best-known organic hair dye brands is Herbatint. It comes very close to an all organic hair dye and is safe to use during pregnancy.

2. Naturtint is another organic hair dye that not only give you all over color, it won’t irritate your scalp or dry your eyes with fumes.

3. Henna is an organic hair dye. You can purchase Surya Brasil Henna Cream in a variety of colors. It is a temporary hair dye, however it is safe for your scalp.

4. Tints of Nature is a permanent hair dye that is certified as organic.

5. Organic Color Systems is a salon grade color line that offers organic hair dye.

6. Rainbow Research offers henna cream dyes to remain natural and ammonia free.

7. Garnier Herbashine uses bamboo extract and other natural ingredients for their version of organic hair dye.

8. Color Me Natural is a permanent hair coloring system that uses natural ingredients to cut down on harsh chemicals seeping into your scalp.

9. Lush Mama Hair Henna is a natural alternative to your typical store bought, chemical laden hair dye.

10. Aveda’s hair dye line will provide you strong colors that are naturally derived.

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