Top 10 Natural Hair Relaxer Products For Black Hair

Natural Hair RelaxerIf you have extremely curly or frizzy hair, you undoubtedly use all kinds of products to defrizz and straighten your locks, from serums to straighteners to hair straightening treatment. As you have to keep this regiment up on a daily basis, your hair is probably suffering from some major hair damage. Have you considered finding a natural hair relaxer for your hair in order to protect your hair? If hair relaxer is an important part of your look, then finding a natural hair relaxer might be vital to the longevity of your hair.

If you have thick, coarse or very kinky black hair, you are probably thinking that a natural hair relaxer will not work. However, if you are searching through hair products for a natural hair relaxer that works, consider our list of the top 10 natural hair relaxer products for black hair:

1. If you are looking for afro hair care products, a brand called BodipHier is an all natural relaxer that straightens all kinds of hair without using harsh chemicals.

2. Dark and Lovely makes a straightening treatment that does not use any lye to help keep your hair smooth and healthy.

3. Naturalaxer Kit-in-a Jar is a multi-ethnic relaxer that is chemical free and non-toxic.

4. While it will not completely straighten you hair, natural shampoos with relaxing agents will start the process before you hit your hair with heat to straighten it. This isn’t the healthiest for your hair itself, but it does eliminate chemicals entering your body.

5. Relaxing creams will also start the job. You can leave an all-natural relaxing cream on under a shower cap for twenty minutes before rinsing. Organic leave in conditioners will also add to the straightening effect. The oils will weigh your hair down to help straighten out the kinks.

6. Xenna Chemical Free Natural Curl Relaxer is a great product for frizzy hair.

7. If you favor home remedies and would like to make your own relaxer instead of shopping for relaxers for black hair, mix coconut juice and lime juice and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. Cream will form on the top of the mixture and you can use the cream to relax your hair.

8. Natural Layer Mix uses dried herbs and clay to straighten hair.

9. A straightening product from Cantu uses Shea butter as a natural relaxing agent.

10. “Wash and Wear Relaxer” will relax hair without losing the natural look and texture of your hair.

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