Top 10 Natural Hair Dyes For Gray Hair

Natural Hair DyesWhen you use hair dye, chemicals from the dye seep into your scalp and enter your body. The more you dye your hair, the more chemicals you expose to your bloodstream, which carries it throughout your body, so it does not just affect your scalp. For those whose hair has turned gray, constant hair dying can be a plague! If you have to dye your hair every one to two weeks to cover your gray hair, natural hair dyes might be something to consider. Here is a list of the top 10 natural hair dyes for gray hair:

1. Henna hair dye – this is the number one option for natural hair dyes. Many people feel it will not cover gray effectively, but it can actually cover your gray quite nicely if you boil the henna in tea rather than water. The tea will bring out the dark properties in the henna and cover gray hair quite effectively.

2. There are many hair products that claim to be organic hair dye, but pay attention to these hair dye brands

3. You might have to concoct your natural hair dyes. Try mixing rosemary, sage and thyme by boiling the three ingredients for natural hair dyes that will cover gray.

4. If you do not wish to make your own hair dye, try Herbatint Hair Color as it does not contain ammonia or fragrances.

5. Vegetable hair dyes are a very popular alternative to chemicals however they do not last very long.

6. Berries are used worldwide to dye hair and clothing.

7. Flower petals can be ground and used in hair dying concoctions.

8. You can boil saffron and add a touch of lemon juice for a great natural dye that will cover your gray in no time!

9. For a dark brown color, boil walnut shells with black tea and add cherry tree bark and cloves.

10. There are organic tinting shampoos that are not a permanent solution to gray hair, but they will add color daily to avoid the hassle of constantly dying your hair.

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