Top 10 Most Unique Hair Pieces For Weddings

Hair Pieces For WeddingsHair pieces for weddings have become increasingly popular as brides move away from the traditional veil. Some brides are even using hair pieces for weddings to compliment their veils so they have both looks for their special day. There are many subtle hair accessories for brides, however, unusual hair pieces can create a unique touch to your wedding dress. Here is a list of the top 10 most unique hair pieces for weddings:

1. Geisha hair accessories are a hot look right now! Floral silk flowers and geisha hair sticks will definitely set you apart from other brides.

2. You can use a wedding hair comb to affix something unique to your hair for your wedding day. For example, a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding dress or from your fiancé mother’s wedding dress will be a very special hair piece!

3. Swarovski crystal hair accessories make very unique hair pieces for weddings. A crystal flower or small crystal jewels spread throughout your hair will add sparkle to your wedding hairstyle.

4. Hair fascinators can affix huge feathers or big silk flowers to your hairstyle to accentuate your wedding look.

5. A headband wrapped around the front of your hair (worn hippie-style) is a different look for a wedding. Your headband can easily match the class and grace of your dress, yet give you a Bohemian feel that everyone will notice!

6. A bridal wreath is a unique hair piece for sure! Whether you choose a wreath that gives you a vintage or a rustic look, the wreath will compliment your bouquet perfectly.

7. Fresh flowers worn throughout your hair can also provide a different look than traditional brides. Small flowers that match your wedding colors can be clipped onto in several places, creating a fresh look.

8. Don’t forget your something blue! Consider a blue feather in a birdcage veil, or blue gems decorating the edge of a wedding comb.

9. If you like bows, think about wearing large one in your hair. A headband will support the bow and you will have a very chic look as you walk down the aisle.

10. A small cocktail hat can be the perfect accessory to stand apart from other brides. If your dress is elegant, think about wearing the cocktail hat in lieu of the traditional veil.

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