Top 10 Mens Short Haircuts

Mens Short HaircutsWhile they may not act like it, men think about the best hairstyles for them. There are many great men’s short haircuts, whether they need hair styles for long faces or even short hair styles for fine hair. Below is a list of the top ten men’s short haircuts.

1. Side part – With this style you can be more serious or playful. Either keep the hair all in place or tousle it for a more fun effect. This is one of the most common men’s short haircuts.

2. Bed head style – This will literally almost look like you just got out of bed. It’s a great layered cut with a slightly messy effect.

3. Front wave – This was first made popular in the 1980’s. Just as with almost everything else, it is making a comeback. This is a windblown look with a medium sized wave in the front.

4. Square – this works best for African American men. This is a throwback to the 1950’s and is cropped close to the scalp.

5. Straight up – This is a hair style that is brushed up in a vertical position.

6. Faux hawk – This is known as the “fake Mohawk” the sides and back are short with the top being slightly longer and spiked. This is one of the most popular spikey hair styles for long faces.

7. Businessman’s haircut – This is tapered on the back and sides and brushed back from the forehead.

8. Buzz cut – This was sometimes used by military personnel also known as the burr style and is great for thinning hair.

9. Flat top – Also known as “high and tight” made popular by the military. This is when the sides and back are tapered and the top is slightly longer, yet still flat.

10. Caesar haircut – Made famous by Julius Caesar. This looks like short bangs combed forward and the sides and back are layered.

It’s easy to see that there are almost as many men’s short haircuts as there are hair styles for women. Whichever you choose, ask your hairstylist if these cuts will go well with the shape of your face. There are even many shoulder length hair styles for men to choose from.

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