Top 10 Hair Styles For Round Face For Girls With Curly Hair

Top 10 Hair Styles For Round Face For Girls With Curly HairIf you have a round shape to your face and curly hair, there are certain hair styles to complement your unique facial features and hair texture. Read on to learn about these round face hairstyles and how you can get them too!

1. Add some layers. Ask your stylist to give you some razored layers that fall to your cheekbones, chin, and below. Layered look is among the best hair styles for round face young women.

2. Add some rhinestone hair pins to secure a deep side part. This will make your face look less rounded and pull curly strands away from your face.

3. Work the feathers in hair trend. Women who have curly or wavy tresses can pull off fun feathers because they already have the body and volume for it. A feather will just showcase and complement this, especially for young girls.

4. If you are in need of popular hair styles for round face girls then try a short bob. This is also complementary for girls with short hair. Just be sure to ask your stylist to use a razor to cut down on some of the texture that can easily bulk up around the chin.

5. Try a low, messy bun. Buns are great options for girls as the natural curls add some playful texture.

6. Try a simple and loose twist. Make a part down the middle, twist both sides back and let curls pop out behind a clip. This will keep locks out of your face while giving you posh and polished look.

7. If you are in need of popular hair styles for round face girls, try a single braid if you have long hair and drape it over your shoulder. The braid will look sleek but textured and emphasize the structure of your face.

8. Add a headband. With this headpiece, girls simply can not go wrong: wear your locks loose, in a pony tail or gathered at the nape of the neck in a messy bun.

9. Try a chignon. This is a great hairstyle for curly haired girls 12 and older. Simply gather hair to one side and pin it in place, leaving some messy strands of curls pop out the side or hang loosely in the front.

10. Try some pony tails. This will look best if your hair is short and curly. They will peak out along the side nape of you neck and will be full and textured, while keeping the hair out of you face.

There are many hair styles for round face women to try. Be sure to ask your stylist at your next appointment to try out some of the tips above!

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