Top 10 Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Oils For Hair GrowthEssential oils for hair growth are a proven method for stimulating hair follicles and speeding up the time in which hair grows. There are many home remedies for this like onion juice for hair growth, for example. However, oils for hair growth are an easy process to undertake as you can apply them in different ways. You can massage oils for hair growth right into your scalp or you can add them to your shampoo and conditioner for additional aromatherapy benefits. Hair loss can be caused by many different things, from hereditary causes to mineral deficiencies, however before you race to the nearest clinic for a hair transplant, consider this list of the top 10 essential oils for hair growth:

1. Basil – the basil herb can be processed into an oil to be rubbed into the scalp to decrease hair loss and increase hair growth.

2. Mira hair oil – This oil has been used by Indian women for hundreds of years. The oil blocks the production of DHT, which causes hair loss in the first place.

3. Coconut oil for hair growth is an amazing way to take care of your hair. Coconut oil protects hair you already have, promotes hair growth, and if you eat coconut, it will also contribute to your hair regiment by providing antimicrobial properties which will add to your existing hair’s luster.

4. Oils for hair growth can also take the form of prevention. Saw palmetto hair loss treatments will aid in reducing hair loss, in order for you to use oils that promote hair growth.

5. Castor oil for hair growth is an amazing essential oil that has many benefits. It thickens thinning hair, heals damaged hair, cures dryness in individual strands and stimulates new hair growth.

6. Rosemary oil will not only help hair grow, but it doubles its advantages as it does aid in preventing further hair loss.

7. Bay oil will not only help with hair growth, but it will add shine to existing hair if it has dulled.

8. Arnica oil is used to treat hair loss due to stress or anxiety.

9. Grape seed oil is another essential oil that you can massage daily into your scalp to stimulate hair bulbs.

10. For faster growing hair, use olive oil internally and externally.

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