Top 10 Celebrity Shoulder Length Hair Styles of All Times!

Shoulder Length Hair StylesThere are many wonderful shoulder length hair styles that will work on just about any face shape and size. This is also true for mens short haircuts. Celebrities especially are known for their varying shoulder length hair styles. Below is a list the top 10 celebrity shoulder length hair styles of all times:

1. Katy Perry – She was seen sporting a shoulder length style with beautiful curls. She also had several of her curls highlighted with bright pink and blue highlights. This is one of the best hair styles for oval faces.

2. Madonna – She is always beautiful and was no different with her classic center parted wavy hairdo.

3. Miley Cyrus – Looks absolutely beautiful and natural with her tousled wavy hairstyle.

4. Lea Michelle – This star of Glee has beautiful medium length hairstyle with reddish highlights.

5. Alicia Keys – She always looks elegant with her shoulder length natural curly hair.

6. Naomi Watts – This is one of the most beautiful hair styles for round face with the softened side swept bangs and board straight shoulder length hair.

7. Katie Holmes – She is absolutely flawless with her loose, natural looking wavy hair.

8. Jennifer Aniston – All of her hairstyles are gorgeous and she is no exception now with a straight layered shoulder length bob hairstyle.

9. Tori Spelling – She looks sleek and chic with her shoulder length straight bob.

10. Jessica Alba – Is wonderful with her wavy and sophisticated style. This is very easy to replicate.

Many of these hair styles would work wonderfully as destination wedding choices. The best way to go about replicating these shoulder length hair styles is to go to your salon, and tell them which celebrity’s hair style you want. They will be able to help you find the style that works best for you.

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