Sudden Patchy Hair Loss – What Could It Be?

Sudden Patchy Hair Loss - What Could It Be?Sudden patchy hair loss can be scary and concerning for many people. Before you panic, you need to understand some of the main causes of this condition and what treatments are available.

One of the most common causes of patchy hair loss can result from a condition Alopecia areata. This autoimmune disease affects the follicles and produces auto-antibodies triggering formation of round or oval patches that can overlap causing partial balding. You should see your physician right away if you suspect that you have Alopecia areata or notice patchy hair loss. The doctor will carefully evaluate all possible causes, run tests and may prescribe a special topical lotion to rub in your scalp or will suggest you undergo a series of injections at the affected areas.

If you are losing a lot of hair in combination with a poor diet, you may also have a hair loss vitamin deficiency. Your body may not be getting enough of vitamin A, E, and the B complexes or folic acid, all of which play a role of keeping the hair healthy and strong.

Fungal infections have also been known to contribute to hair loss, so an herbal hair loss treatment coupled with doctor prescribed anti fungal therapy will address this condition.

Hormone fluctuations can trigger signs of balding, especially in women. Keeping estrogen within healthy levels will ensure normal body functions. You may also want to use hair products for dry hair, keeping your locks hydrated, soft, and shiny looking.

Severe stress can cause you to start losing hair as well. At first you may notice some excessive strands on your brush or in the shower drain, but it can easily turn into small clumps of hair. Applying stress relief techniques daily is important not only for your mentality, but your physical health as well.

Another reason you may want to make an appointment immediately with your doctor is when you are noticing substantial shedding which could be due to thyroid deficiency. You may have too little of the thyroid hormone circulating throughout your body and it could be the main cause of your condition. This is a serious deficiency that could affect your entire body, so addressing this issue is very important.

Patchy hair loss is troublesome to many but can be treated or taken care of after seeing a medical professional.

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