Spironolactone Hair Loss Side Effects

Spironolactone Hair LossSpironolactone hair loss therapy is a highly effective method, however, there are some side effects that you should take into account if you take this medicine to reduce your hair loss.

Telogen effluvium hair loss, or “shedding” as it is commonly called, occurs from a variety of factors. There are medications whose side effects can cause hair loss, stress and anxiety can make hair fall out, a reaction to illness, vitamin deficiencies and many other life occurrences can make hair fall out of the scalp and cease to re-grow. Itchy scalp hair loss, genetic hair loss, stresses or anxiety hair loss – all of these factors need different remedies to help cure them. There are many treatments options for hair loss. There are home remedies, laser treatment, frontal hair loss treatment, Ovation hair therapy, essential oils for the scalp and many, many more options.

The listed side effects for Spironolactone hair loss therapy are numerous. Spironolactone hair loss treatment is widely used, and many people do not suffer from side effects or they only experience mild symptoms, but it is important to educate yourself on what could happen in order to stop Spironolactone hair loss treatment if necessary. On a lower level, you could feel dry mouth, pains in your muscle groups or drowsiness and dizziness. Confusion or coordination problems can occur as well. Moving on to more serious problems, you might experience diarrhea, menstrual irregularity or abdominal cramps. You may notice excessive hairiness, which might reverse your problem. There can be post-menopausal bleeding or males might notice enlargement of their breasts. Continuing on to even more serious problems, there have been reported cases of liver issues, stomach bleeding, fever, irregular heartbeat, ulcers and vomiting. It is vital that you consult thoroughly with your physician before taking this medicine to cure your hair loss problem.

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