Skin Vs Tape Weft Hair Extensions Compared!

Skin Vs Tape Weft Hair Extensions Compared!When you decide to get hair extensions, there are many different kinds to choose from. Weft hair extensions are a popular choice that can be adhered to the natural hair with glue or applied with a special tape onto the scalp. Read on to learn some more about both methods to help you decide which hair extensions best fit your needs.

First of all, Weft hair extensions are made by hand by positioning knots of hair on a very thin base which is usually covered with a polyurethane coating. They ideally blend with your natural hair and lie flat on your scalp because they are seamless. They can be glued onto your scalp or attached with special hair tape. Both options are safe to use, are efficient to apply and relatively easy to maintain. They do not look bumpy or noticeable like some other clip in or weave in hair extensions.

If you choose to incorporate 20 inch hair extensions or longer, most people opt to purchase 3 or 4 tracks to create the most authentic look, as the strands will add volume and fullness to your hair, whether you apply them with glue or tape.

Weft hair extensions are most durable when they are applied with glue. They have a stronger hold than tape, which is important, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Most weft extensions are made by Remy Hair. This all natural hair can be permed, chemically colored, styled with heat induced tools, dried and washed regularly. They can be purchased at many specialty beauty shops and stores, as well as online. They last anywhere from three to six months, after that you can choose to re-glue or re-tape them. The cost of most of these extensions varies, regardless of if they are adhered with tape or glue, but normally have a starting point of around $60 per section.

No matter if you glue or tape your weft hair extensions, they will look beautiful and make hair appear fuller and sexier. They are both relatively simple to install and maintain. Glued extensions tend to last much longer than taped ones, so if you are willing to apply glue to your scalp, the skin extension are best!

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