Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces For Women – 10 Edgy Ideas!

Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces For Women - 10 Edgy Ideas!If you are in search of new hairstyles for oval faces, you are in luck! Oval shape is one of the most versatile facial shapes to have since most hairstyles will complement your bone structure. Read on to learn about 10 edgy ideas for wearing your hair if you are blessed with an oval face.

1. Shoulder length hair styles have been popular for the last five years and are still going strong. Try an angled bob! Ask your stylist to cut your hair short in the back and bring the sides and front strands of your hair to an angled point. It looks edgy and feminine at the same time on oval faces!

2. Try an asymmetrical bob. When you part your hair to one side, you will have a slightly asymmetrical or uneven look. If that’s not edgy, then what else is? This is also one of the most popular hairstyles for oval faces that has been around for the past 3 year and many celebrities still sport this look today.

3. Clip your hair up! Forget using elastics to hold your short hair in place. Utilize several crystal hair pins and simply twist your short strands in any direction you desire and secure it with sparkly hair pins.

4. A single braid that sweeps across your side part and gets tucked behind your ear is also an edgy way to wear short hair and flatters oval faces. Leave the rest of your hair straight or wavy. This creates a belted braid look! Don’t have enough length of hair to braid – wear a braided headband that matches your hair color.

5. Since you can’t get your hair all the way up, take two front strands and clip them behind your ears. There are hair clips for thick or fine hair that will keep your strands in place and out of your face.

6. Ride the waves! Wavy hairstyles for oval faces are another popular option for ladies looking to try something new. Get that beach look all year round by spraying a texturizing spray into dry strays and sport the super messy but super chic look.

7. Spice it up by adding a strip of color! There are many types of single strands to clip in to the top portion of your hair or by the nape of your neck that will flatter an oval face while helping you achieve an edgy look.

8. Pop in some pig tails! Keeping your hair parted down the middle, create pig tails that sit off the nape of your neck. Since your strands are short, they will peek out and look edgy and adorable. Paris Hilton always sported posh pig tails when her hair was short!

9. Add thick dark highlights. Highlights are great for women with oval faces. They provide depth and make your mane look healthy while framing the face at the same time.

10. Give some loose curls to your short tresses. Thick Rachel Zoe. Zoe is known for her long and loose curls; however you don’t need long hair to achieve them too. Simply put a little bend in each short strand and allow the waves to frame your face.

There are many hairstyles for oval faces and short strands that will get you that edgy look you desire in no time at all!

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