Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions At Home Kit Prices

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions At Home Kit PricesIf you want to look like a movie star by wearing semi permanent eyelash extensions but don’t want the hefty salon price tag that comes with them, you may want to consider purchasing an at home kit. You will significantly cut down on the cost of having these eyelashes applied by doing them yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are many semi permanent eyelash extensions kits to choose from available at your nearest beauty supply store or online. Here are some of the top false eyelash kits with the best prices.

ESPOW sells a professional eyelash extension kit that can be ordered online for about $50. It comes complete in a silver case supplied with false eyelashes and accessories to help you achieve lust worthy lashes. From funky purples, reds, greens, and classic black colors, you can match your eyelashes to your mood or your special occasion needs. Available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses as well, it’s up to you to choose how long you dare to go. In addition to these versatile false lashes, you will receive special glue, that is similar to one of the best selling lash adhesives on the market, Duo Eyelash Glue. Once you are ready to remove your extensions, the kit has a special eyelash cleaner. You will also find an air pump for drying, grooming necessities, a mirror, user manual, and a CD providing tips on how to achieve a professional look. For only $50, this at home kit for semi permanent eyelash extensions is a steal!

Another brand that is known for their temporary hair extensions and semi permanent lashes is Ardell. Their semi permanent lash kits are great for beginners. Boasting lash strips or individual eyelashes to be applied, you can choose from natural looking silk or mink lash extensions. These sets sell for under $10 and come with adhesive glue as well as lash applicator for precise lash placement you will need. It is also advised to use a special mascara that does not include glycol as it will weaken the bond between the semi permanent lashes and your natural eyelashes.

These two kits for semi permanent eyelash extensions are great for the beginner who wishes to obtain that sultry long lash look without spending serious cash at the salons.

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