Professional Organic Hair Color Brands Overtaking The Haircolor Market!

Organic Hair Color Brands If you had the choice to use all natural ingredients or chemicals on your hair, which could potentially give you a high style salon look; which one would you choose? Organic hair color brands are bigger than ever. The use of additives and chemicals are looked at as unnecessary, harmful, and environmentally irresponsible today which is why many professional hair color products are all turning to organic ingredients. Read on to learn how you can make the switch to organic hair dye the next time you make an appointment at your local salon.

One reason that so many top hair dye brands are making the switch is because they know that the consumer has become super savvy. There is an overabundance of literature and research in magazines and online that outline the harmful effects the hair dyes have on your body and the environment.

Some things to look out for if you want to use natural hair dyes from the comfort of your own home is that they are free of Diamine Toluene Sulfates (PTD). Severely toxic, this ingredient is considered one of the leading causes of blood cancer and can causes shortness of breath and nausea. Also beware of Cocamine in non organic hair color brands. A moderate hazard, the ingredient is not safe for damaged skin and is recommended to be used with a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Diethanolamine is frequently used in top selling hair dyes and is said to be responsible for failing immune systems. When in doubt, also opt to use hair color without ammonia.

Some great organic hair color brands to try that ensure your safety and beautiful results are Morocco Method, Paul Mitchell, Pure Hearts and Clean Hands, Coastal Classics Creations, and Light Mountain.

The majority of these products use henna dye. This special dye forms in the leaves of an adult henna plant. You can achieve any color tint imaginable and feel good about giving your hair a little pick me up.

Some other major lines like Garnier and Clairol are also slowly progressing their way to 100 percent organic. Currently, the dyes are semi-organic.

Before making an appointment and sitting in that salon chair, take some time to have an honest conversation with your stylist about the ingredients that are used in your usual hair dye. Try using one of the top organic hair color brands for a change to compare results and clear your conscious!

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