Permanent Lash Extensions Vs Semi Permanent

Permanent Lash ExtensionsLash extensions are a huge trend in the beauty world. Whether you wear them for function or style, read on to learn about the differences and similarities between permanent lash extensions and semi permanent eyelash extensions.

The main difference between permanent lash extensions and semi-permanent lashes is that permanent false eyelashes are for those who have a significant amount of money to spend. The cost of eyelash extensions is astronomical because you need to undergo surgery and anesthesia to get real eyelashes implanted into your eyelid to stimulate future eyelash growth. This is a popular procedure with women who have lost their lashes due to undergoing cancer treatments. Or, the costly procedure is performed on women who never want to remove eyelash extensions because they love the look of them so much it will save them preparation time and cost, as purchasing the lashes adds up in the long run.

In order to conduct the procedure of implanting permanent lashes, a skin graft from another area of the body needs to be taken. Usually removed from the back of the neck, the skin houses the new hairs. The procedure takes around one hour to complete and regular maintenance is required to keep up with the newly implanted lashes, as they tend to grow longer than natural looking lashes would.

Semi-permanent lashes are not permanent and are fairly simple to apply. They also cost significantly less than permanent lash extensions. Bonded with special glue or to your own existing lashes, they can be purchased as a strip or individual natural or synthetic pieces to adhere to sparse areas.
These types of lashes are not only called semi-permanent because they do not have to be applied through a surgical procedure, but they fall out with your natural eyelashes every two to three months. Some semi-permanent lashes fall out earlier due to issues with the glue that can wear off. Many times professionals suggest receiving a touch up ever few weeks to maintain the false lashes, look, and your investment.

If you choose permanent lash extensions or semi-permanent lash extensions, be sure to protect your eyes. Receive a consultation and speak with the professionals prior to getting any kind of work done around your eyes. Both procedures, while mainly different; produce beautiful, thick, and healthy long lashes for you to enjoy.

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