Ovation Hair Therapy Side Effects

Ovation Hair TherapyOvation hair therapy promises amazing results, but are they promoting false hope to people who are undergoing hair loss? In order to offset hair transplant cost, or the expense of treatments such as spironolactone hair loss medicine, many people try home hair loss remedies or over the counter methods first. The first thing you should consider when purchasing over the counter hair loss remedy products is does the product have the American Hair Loss Association seal? Not all products that work have the seal, but it is a good place to start. Ovation hair care products do not have the approval of the association. Another consideration as you choose which products to use is whether there are side effects. What side effects do ovation hair therapy treatments cause?

Ovation shampoo has not received rave reviews. The shampoo completely cleans your hair. That is what shampoo is supposed to do, right? Not at all! Your hair must retain essential oils to keep it shiny, strong and growing. Ovation hair therapy shampoo cleans hair a little too well as it strips many of those oils away. The shampoo contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is common in hair cleaning products, however, it is also a component of shampoos that many people steer clear of.

After completing the Ovation regimen, (ovation hair therapy shampoo, cell therapy and then a cream rinse), hair can be reportedly difficult to manage when still wet. The hair actually becomes rough and hard to brush through as you try to detangle your locks before drying. However, if you allow your hair to dry naturally, they results on the bottle do match the results you will see in your hair. Your hair will feel amazingly soft and shiny and will be very easy to manage. This comes at a higher cost than other hair therapy treatments, and with the knowledge that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is being used on your hair.

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