Onion Juice For Hair Loss – Does It Work?

Onion Juice For Hair LossIt may sound a little crazy, but onion juice for hair loss is a proven and effective remedy! It is not a proven method across the board, but there have been many cases in which onion juice for hair loss significantly increased hair follicles stimulation and created new hair growth. There does seem to be some restrictions on the success of onion juice when it comes to growing hair. Studies have not shown that this is one of the effective remedies for hair growth when it comes to male pattern baldness, but rather for cases of alopecia areata in small patches. There have been many success stories for treatment with Androgenetic alopecia women and men have seen results.

If you are considering using onion juice, you should look into other hair loss cures as well. Eating a diet for healthy hair, using oils for hair growth and using medicated products are a great supplement to the onion juice for hair loss treatment.

There are many home remedies for hair growth that you can try. Treatments for hair loss should be internal and external simultaneously. Hair vitamins are an important supplement to any hair loss treatment, including onion juice for hair loss. Each remedy is for a different kind of hair loss: stress loss, hereditary reasons, vitamin and mineral deficiency. If you want to attempt the onion juice method, juice an onion and massage the juice into the patches of your scalp that need stimulation. Cover your scalp with a shower cap and wear the cap for 20 minutes. You should repeat this process three times a week. Timing of the results will vary, however if your follicles are compatible with onion juice, you should see new growth within 3 to 4 months.

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