Negative Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Pregnancy

Effects of Laser Hair RemovalIf you are expecting and are considering laser hair removal, there are some side effects that you need to be aware of in order to protect yourself and your developing fetus. Although they are rare, side effects do occur, so read on to learn the negative effects of laser hair removal on your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant you may especially be considering removing some unwanted hair because excess it is growing due to a hormonal imbalance from the pregnancy (and popping up in the most unusual places). While using a laser to permanently rid pesky body hair seems like a good idea, laser hair removal and pregnancy in essence don’t mix.

Many professionals believe that there are a few dangers of laser hair removal. First, not many case studies have been reported or conducted to determine how the effects of laser hair removal can affect the baby and the mother, especially when the procedure is done near the bikini line or lower abdomen area or for ingrown hair removal. Therefore, with such little documentation; why take a risk?

Next, mothers to be should avoid lasers because skin gets increasingly sensitive while expecting. You may have noticed the way your joints ache, teeth and mouth hurt, and skin itches. Just image the way it would feel if you have laser hair removal done during pregnancy and have a reaction to the laser. Why be put in severe discomfort and risk scarring, or worse? Waiting until the baby is delivered is a much wiser choice and does not put you or your baby at risk of the side effects of laser hair removal.

Doctors also advise to hold off on laser treatments and electrolysis methods in case any serious complications arise.

If you have dark pigmented skin, you are more likely to get more positive results with laser hair removal on dark skin than you would if you had blonde, grey, or light red body hairs. This is due to the reaction of the laser with the melanin in the hair follicle. Regardless of the high success rate, it’s best to wait it out until you deliver the baby and are finished nursing.

Don’t risk being a victim to the side effects of laser hair removal during pregnancy. Plucking, shaving, and waxing are a safe and effective alternative to the laser treatment.

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