Natural Looking False Eyelashes – Which Kind To Choose?

Natural Looking False EyelashesIf you are in need of an updated look to add simple elegance to your everyday appearance, you should consider natural looking false eyelashes. They come in many different materials, colors, lengths, and styles, which make choosing the right pair for you difficult. Read on to learn about the best eyelash extensions that will fit your day to day needs, budget, and personal style.

Natural false eyelashes are the most subtle and organic looking false eyelashes you can apply. They are light weight, carefully designed, made by hand, and soft while providing a hint of drama. They can be added in sections where you need a filler. For the most natural look, wear them without any other eye makeup.

Mink lash extensions are also popular choices for women looking for natural looking false eyelashes. The most luxurious by far, mink lashes are ultimately light in weight. Silky and chic, the lash extensions are on the expensive side but are high quality, durable, and very comfortable so they may be worth the extra splurge. Having a pro help you apply them the first time can be helpful until you get the hang on applying adhesive and the lashes.

Individual false eyelashes are another option when considering natural looking false eyelashes. Sold at virtually any makeup boutique, beauty store, salon, or pharmacy; they add depth to make your eyes stand out and look more awake. You only need to apply a few individual lashes to the areas that are sparse above your eyes. They are also easy to sport alone on a fresh face or can be worn with full eye makeup and mascara. They are very affordable and last anywhere from 5 days to a week if removed and cared for properly.

Satin false lashes are another great choice when considering applying false but natural looking eyelashes. They are very light in weight and come already curved. Some satin lashes are overly playful and are featured in bright colors like purple, red, silver, gold, and even white. While these colors may be a little extreme for the day time, they make playful accents by evening and can be worn with costumes on Halloween.

If you are in need of natural looking false eyelashes, you have many options to choose from. Each false lash has pros and cons, but if in doubt, individual false eyelashes are the easiest to apply and look amazingly natural.

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