Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Men – Myths Exposed!

Natural Hair Loss Treatment For MenThe natural hair loss treatment for men approach has its many benefits, especially since surgery and hair transplant cost is rising, with new grafting technologies around the corner, the hair transplant can cost a pretty penny. However, it also has culprits and misconceptions. As it often happens, humans want a quick solution to a complex condition. So when you hear of only one single- minded promotion of a product, it is highly likely that nothing is going to change. Hair loss is usually a combination of issues. Sometimes lack of iron leads to hair loss, sometimes it’s the hormones in our body that are in a constant state of delicate balance, so in order to battle or slow down hair loss, it’s important to determine the cause first. Let’s look at some myths related to natural hair loss treatment for men:

One myth for men’s hair loss is the honey and cinnamon myth. This myth promised that based on ancient medicine, the mixture would return a fuller head of hair and would be one of the best as a natural hair loss treatment for men. The truth is, these mixtures just do not seem to work. Cinnamon will stimulate the heck out of your scalp for a few minutes because it’s a spicy herb, but it will not reverse hair loss.

One myth which can actually hold some truth to it is onion juice for hair loss. At the University of Tasmania, studies were done on five hundred patients with male alopecia areata, and those with mild cases of it experienced a positive hair growth cycle in fifty percent of the tests. Perhaps onion juice is a local stimulant which helps hair follicles grows. Onion just could prove to be a useful natural hair loss treatment for men. Interestingly, when trying other ingredients, onion juice still beat the competition. This treatment was only tested on the alopecia areata disease, and not on pattern baldness.

Another myth is the fact that some companies keep promoting biotin as a supplement to increase their sales. They swear by biotin to help with hair loss. The truth is, Vitamin B7 is commonly and easily found in dairy products, broccoli, and green vegetables. The same goes towards folic acid, coming from similar foods to the list above and being easy to access.
Another myth is that supplements and minerals are a highly helpful natural hair loss treatment for men. While vitamins and minerals are essential to our health and have shown improvements in female hair growth and hair strengthening, in case of male hair loss that is genetic or hormonal, vitamins aren’t always the answer. Hence, it’s very important to investigate the real reason for hair loss before loading up on supplements and not get upset if you don’t see your bald spot disappear after consuming your vitamin E.

A good myth to break is that hair can also absorb vitamins. The only live matter of hair is the hair follicle. The rest of the hair on our head is made up of retired protein, but it does not respond to topical applications.

When looking at natural herbal hair loss treatment options, there is a list of plants circulating which suggests it will solve hair loss. Some claim that seaweed and Algae extract help because they heal a damaged scalp and have some good acids to build hair. Here, the case is with perhaps already existing hair, but seaweed alone will not be enough to grow hair for hair loss patients. The same happens with Aloe Vera whose studies remain inconclusive. The aloe gel surely prevents inflammation, but aloe by itself will only condition the hair; it will not reverse lost hair.

The Channelled Wrack herb is another natural hair loss treatment for men, it is an extract from a sea weed. It has many high antioxidants, and it can help similarly to Vitamin E. Some of the Wrack can be useful for hair loss patients, since it does stop some testosterone from binding and it can prevent some hair loss, but mainly in women.

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