Natural False Eyelashes – Ardell Vs Revlon Beyond

Natural False Eyelashes - Ardell Vs Revlon Beyond Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s female celebrities get their lashes to be so long, defined, curled, and thick? It’s not magic! They use natural false eyelashes. You can get that luxurious look as well by applying semi permanent eyelash extensions. Ardell and Revlon Beyond are two of the top natural false lash brands. Read on to learn how they are similar and different!

Ardell brand is well known for their false lash products. Ardell individual lashes boast a glamorous look and feel and accent your natural lashes as well. These single adhesive lashes can fit everyone’s beauty needs and preferences. Ultra affordable, Ardell natural false eyelashes cost ranges from $5-$8 for the pair and the adhesive. Individual lashes can be worn up to four weeks at a time, but are recommended to be changed weekly to prevent eye infections and other irritation associated with the lashes and the glue. False lash strips, on the other hand, should be removed daily and stored in the original container. The strips could be reused for up to 3 weeks. Another added bonus of the brand is that they are carried by nearly all major pharmacies and specialty beauty stores.

Revlon Beyond Natural false lashes are a top pick when it comes to the cost of eyelash extensions, much like Ardell false lashes. They come in fun styles to choose from like “thickening chic”, “double wink”, “luscious flair”, “precision”, and “intensifying”. Revlon Beyond natural false lashes can be applied with a special glue, also made by Revlon. The glue itself can sometimes lead to some minor side effects when applying and wearing natural false eyelashes. It is priced similarly to those of Ardell’s. On average they cost $5 per set.

However, some customer reviews state that they are not easy to be removed from the packaging, unlike some other brands because the packaging is flimsy and cheap looking. Some users have even damaged the falsies trying to remove them from their casing. Despite the packaging, users raved about the look of the Beyond Natural lashes and have even put “before” and “after” images on the internet.

Overall, both Revlon Beyond Natural and Ardell natural false eyelashes and are easy to use, cost about the same, and produce big beauty results. The only difference between the two is that Revlon’s lashes come in strips, and Ardell’s are available both in strips and individual pieces that need to be applied into your lashes one by one. Your personal preference will determine which product you think you could utilize the easiest and get the best results.

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