MSM And Biotin For Hair Growth – 10 Useful Facts

MSM And Biotin For Hair Growth - 10 Useful FactsMSM and biotin for hair growth have proven to be successful for many women who desire longer, thicker, and healthier hair but do not wish to turn to hair extensions. Read on to learn 10 useful facts about some of the best vitamins for hair growth, MSM and Biotin.

1. MSM is a dietary sulfur supplement that maintains the keratin level in the hair, which keeps it looking strong and healthy.

2. Taking MSM daily will not only improve your hair, but your nails and skin as well!

3. Biotin is sometimes called vitamin H or B7 and is a part of a vitamin B complex that helps keep hair healthy and is mainly used as an herbal hair loss treatment.

4. Biotin is also present in many foods you eat. You will find and use biotin for hair growth in meats, cooked egg yolks, chicken, beans, whole grains, and most fish.

5. As far as hair replacement systems go, many women take both MSM and biotin to stimulate new growth and maintain the locks that they currently have.

6. Biotin for hair growth is recommended by many doctors and other health and nutrition professionals.

7. You can easily order MSM and biotin on various health supplement websites or can pick up a bottle in any health food store or pharmacy.

8. If you eat a lot of prepackaged foods and notice a dry, scaly scalp, lethargy, and even depression; you may not be getting enough of biotin and need to incorporate it into your daily meals or take the supplement to see an improvement.

9. Biotin will not only reduce signs of balding, but strengthen your nails and improve skin; just like MSM.

10. The amount of Biotin that you need in your system varies depending on your age. If you are over the age of 19, doctors recommend that you take 30 micrograms of Biotin daily. If you are nursing an infant, you will require around 35 micrograms of Biotin, and babies and children up to age 3 need 10 micrograms. Older children and teens should have about 30 to 100 micrograms in their system in order to keep their hair strong and healthy.

MSM and biotin for hair growth are important natural substances to help maintain your tresses, skin and nails in top condition!

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