Micro Ring Hair Extensions For Black Hair Damage Alert!

 Micro Ring Hair Extensions For Black Hair Damage Alert!Micro ring hair extensions, also known as micro loop extensions, can get you that long and luxurious look you desire. They can turn short or medium length hair into long luscious tresses in no time at all. While there are many different types of extensions on the market today, micro ring extensions seem to be a favorite option among African American women. However, micro ring hair extensions can cause a lot of damage on the hair. Read on to learn more about how these are applied and the potential damage they may cause!

These extensions are applied when the hair is parted and clipped into sections. Using a tail end of a comb, a small section of the hair is threaded through a ring which is later positioned near the roots. Afterwards, a loop is moved closer to the roots and secured with a small bead to hold it in place slightly below the scalp. The rings are then firmly clamped onto the strands with pliers and the process is repeated with an entire row of individual pieces.

While this is one of the most secure extensions to wear, micro ring hair extensions can cause a lot of damage to the natural hair. They inhibit natural hair regrowth once the rings are in because they interfere with the natural hair renewal. These extensions can also cause consecutive thinning, bald spots, irritation and discomfort, especially if your scalp is sensitive.

Women who have issues with split ends and shaft breakage should consider not using these loop extensions. They will contribute to even more breakage and can even show through the natural hair if it is thin, damaged, or applied improperly. This is also the case with bonding hair extensions that are applied with the use of special glue that can be damaging to the hair and scalp.

While you can wash, color and heat style these hair extensions, it is best to treat them with care and make sure a professional applies them so that they look their best. Micro ring hair extensions may be one of the most secure ways to wear a hair piece, but can also cause the most damage to hair, especially for women of color!

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