Micro Loop Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Micro Loop Hair ExtensionsMicro loop hair extensions are a great way to elongate your hair, or add volume to it. Also called micro ring hair extensions, the loop hair extensions can last awhile if you maintain them. There are many pros and cons to this method of extending the length of your hair.

Pros: One pro to micro loop hair extensions is that you do not use glue, so your natural hair won’t be damaged by tacky substances. Companies like Great Lengths hair extensions bond their hair to your own hair which is safer than glue but still leaves a more permanent situation for your longer hair.

On a different note, you can buy clip in Yaki hair extensions that won’t be as secure as micro loop hair extensions. Micro loop hair extensions fasten to your hair with small metal rings that are squeezed shut after you weave your natural hair through a loop to hold the new hair into place. As was just mentioned, a great pro of micro loop hair extensions is how natural they look. They are made with real hair and can be dyed to match your own hair color.

Cons: A con for this method is that if you want to create a fuller or longer look for one night, or a very short period of time, this is a very labor-intensive process. Although it will look more natural than clip in hair extensions, you might want to consider the clip-ins if you only want long hair for a day.

However, another con is that if you have short hair, the metal rings can sometimes be seen, thus reversing the fact that the extensions look natural. If you have medium length hair or longer, and you are looking for a safe method to increase the length or depth of your hair for a while, micro loop hair extensions are a great choice for you.

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