Male Laser Hair Removal On Face Pros And Cons

Male Laser Hair Removal On Face Pros And ConsMale laser hair removal has become extremely popular in the past few years. Men just like women want to have smooth and soft skin. Permanently removing hair follicles from your face sounds like an ideal situation ridding you of an everyday shaving chore. Facial hair removal for men involving the use of lasers has pros and cons. Read on to decide if one outweighs the other!


There are top rated home laser hair removal machines that you can obtain and utilize in complete comfort and privacy of your home.

The laser zaps hair follicles at the root and eventually inhibits future growth or decreases thickness.

It is a huge time saver since you will not have to shave anymore or cut down on your shaving time altogether.

The procedure is painless.

Some health insurance companies may pick up some of the tab, depending on your plan and benefits.

The thinner your hair is, the fewer treatments you will need.


It’s time consuming. Laser hair removal will not make hair disappear overnight. It can take a few treatments over the course of weeks or even months to really work.

It is costly. On average, male laser hair removal costs anywhere from $300-$500 per session! If you need a few sessions, it can really add up.

You should receive a consultation prior to use, which can really put a kink in purchasing a home laser hair removal system.

It does not work on everyone. Only men who have light skin and dark hair are said to be the ideal candidates for the procedure.

The thicker your hair is, the more treatments you will need.

If male laser hair removal is done incorrectly it can lead to scarring, irritation and even infection.

You should stay out of the sun and tanning bed immediately following the procedure.

Is male laser hair removal for you? If you can foot the bill, are open to a general consultation, and understand that it may take a few treatments in order to see a noticeable impact, if you are an ideal candidate due to your hair thickness and coloring, then it may be worth giving this painless procedure a try!

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