Long Term Dangers Of Laser Hair Removal At Home Exposed!

Dangers Of Laser Hair RemovalIf you are considering permanently removing hair on your body from the comfort of your home, be sure to educate yourself about the potential long and short term dangers of laser hair removal. While it’s long lasting and pain free, there are a few potentially harmful effects of laser hair removal.

A hair removal machine for women can be purchased so you can use it at home, or you can make an appointment to get a consultation and in office laser hair removal on various parts of your body.

You will be surprised at how painless laser hair removal is. In a short period of time, special lighting techniques are used to zap the hair down at its root and prohibit it from growing again. If you are light in skin pigment and have light blonde, red, or grey hair, the procedure may not be as successful on you as it would be on someone with light skin and dark hair. Reports have shown that laser hair removal on dark skin is less likely to get positive results. This is because heat from the laser targets hair follicles under the skin and when they contain a dark pigment, also known as melanin, the heat is easier absorbed by light melanin.

Whether the procedure is 100% successful or not, some potential dangers and side effects include soreness, blistering, and irritation to the area which receives treatment. Similar to the discomfort you feel if you get sunburned, these are some of the mild dangers of laser hair removal. You may also notice acne flare-ups after use which is directly correlated to laser use.

On a more serious note, there are some long term risks that need to be taken into consideration and can be one of the most potential dangers of laser hair removal. Hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation occur when the skin becomes a darker or lighter shade around the area that has been treated. Although this is very rare, it is not impossible and cannot be reversed in nearly all cases.

While said to cause cancer, the good news about laser hair removal is that it does not. It uses non-ionizing radiation to produce energy waves that create the light of the laser. This strong heat does not cause cell mutation and is safe to use without the risk of developing cancer.

There are a few potential dangers of laser hair removal, but are safe and effective for the most part.

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