Laser Hair Removal Preparation – What Not To Do!

Laser Hair Removal PreparationIf you have decided to undergo laser hair removal, you will need to begin laser hair removal preparation a few weeks before you actually have your first treatment. Whether you are having laser hair removal underarms, laser hair removal upper lip or you are having hair removed from your entire body, laser hair removal preparation is a must! Unless you prepare properly, you cannot expect great results.

The first thing you should do if you have decided to have unwanted hair removed with a laser is cease any tanning of your skin. You should not naturally tan, go to a tanning salon or use self-tanning products. The lighter your skin, the better results you will have with laser hair removal treatments.

The next thing you should do is make sure you begin an ingrown hair removal process. Do not let ingrown hairs continue to plague your skin. Start moisturizing and exfoliating now so that the ingrown hairs are easier to remove. Laser hair removal preparation is important to the success of your treatments. When removing hair before the treatments begin, stop the use of waxing or bleaching your hair as soon as you make the decision use a laser hair removal machine as your permanent hair removal solution. There is long-term laser hair removal preparation and there are things you should do or not do within 24 hours of your first treatment. Make sure you shave within 24 hours of your treatment. If you do not, the technician will shave the area for you, but you might be more comfortable shaving your own skin.

You will undoubtedly receive a list of instructions once you decide who is going to perform your laser hair removal. Make sure you follow what they say, and continue to do your own research on best practice procedures as well.

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