Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows Cost – Salon Vs At Home Treatments!

Laser Hair Removal EyebrowsDo you have bushy eyebrows that require regular maintenance and expensive upkeep? Laser hair removal for eyebrows may be the way for you to go! You can go to the salon or spa; or opt to tame your brows in the comfort of your own home. Either way, laser hair removal for face comes with a price tag. Read on to learn the difference between the costs of laser hair removal for eyebrows at the salon versus at home.

If you are removing hair from your brow at home, be sure to use the best home laser hair removal system. The cost of Silk’N Flash & Go is about $300. It is FDA approved so you can count on safe personal laser hair removal. Using intense pulsed light technology, it quickly removes hair by zapping it at the root. A clinical study has shown that the at home grooming device reduced hair dramatically by the third month of treatment. Requiring minimum laser hair removal preparation, your brows will look forever groomed, clean, and smooth for a small price tag.

While personal laser hair removal is great for some, it is not for everyone. Others feel better about getting laser hair removal for eyebrows done by a professional at a salon or spa. On average, the cost of each treatment is $100 but is sold in a package of six treatments, since it takes a few treatments until the procedure is deemed effective. Technicians are fully trained and prefer to offer a consultation prior to your treatment, especially on the face. Be aware, while rather costly, it does not always work. This is because the hair pigments are not dark enough. Those who have dark hairs contain a dark pigment called melanin. The heat from the laser treatment is most easily absorbed by dark melanin, so if you have blonde, grey, or even red hair which you wish to be removed, it may not work even after a number of treatments. Getting a consultation prior to use, whether at home or at a salon; is wise. Leave it to the pros to decide if you this is a procedure you are able to invest in.

Laser hair removal for eyebrows is great in theory. If you are a candidate for this type of treatment, you can get great results at a more affordable price by doing it at home, on your own!

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