Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin Pros And Cons

Laser Hair Removal Dark SkinThere are a lot of factors that play into the best method of hair removal. If you are considering laser hair removal dark skin is a concern for this process. There are laser hair removal side effects, especially when it comes to laser hair removal dark skin or skin with large amounts of melanin. If you want to have successful results with laser hair removal, and you have dark skin, it is important to know the pros and cons of getting the treatment done. Here are a few to get you started!

Pros of Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin:

Laser hair removal effectiveness is a huge pro when it comes to deciding which method you want to pursue. The process is a permanent solution to unwanted hair!
Even though it is more difficult to use a laser hair removal machine with dark skin tones, one pro to continuing with the treatments is that they can be very successful if the skin is cooled first. With a doctor who knows what they are doing, laser hair removal on dark skin can be safe and effective.

Cons to Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin:

Laser hair removal dark skin pigment presents a problem for the laser, which is a huge con. The melanin in dark skin can avert the laser, which means the laser cannot complete the job of removing the hair. Laser hair removal facts state that even if you have a tan, the laser removal process might not work, which is another big con. Even with the best laser hair removal preparation, laser hair removal dark skin treatments can damage the skin. The laser can actually attack the melanin and damage the epidermis. Another con to the process is that because the laser frequency has to be lowered for darker skin, the treatment might not even work (depending on how low the frequency has to be set), which is a waste of time and money.

If you are serious about having laser hair removal, make sure you discuss all of the pros and cons with the laser hair removal clinic you choose. By educating yourself, you can ask the right questions and make sure your skin and your pocketbook are taken care of!

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