Laser Hair Regrowth – Does It Work?

Laser Hair RegrowthIf you suffer from hair loss, and are searching for a permanent solution, laser hair regrowth might be an option to consider. There are many proven and permanent hair replacement systems with surgical procedures such as grafting or flap surgery. However, your hair restoration cost will be high with these labor-intensive procedures. Hair transplant cost is typically around $4,000 to over $20,000! There are many other remedies to hair loss that do not cost quite as much. Onion juice applied to the scalp three times a week has stimulated hair follicles for many people struggling from hair loss, and saw palmetto hair loss tablets also have positive results for many people.

Laser hair regrowth is another method that might bring some relief to your hair loss dilemma. While it is not 100% effective as a permanent cure, there have been many studies that laser hair regrowth has a high percentage rate of success. Laser treatment for hair loss stimulates blood flow in the scalp, which promotes re-growth in areas that have lost the ability to grow hair. Professor Pekka J. Pöntinen is well known for the advancements he has helped achieve in low level laser therapy and in 1996, he published a study in which his findings showed that low level laser therapy increased blood flow to the scalp by 54%. In 1993, at a laser conference in Helsinki, Finland, two groups were given laser treatments to stop hair loss. One group was given real laser treatment, while the second was a placebo. Every candidate except for one in the authentic laser treatment group showed signs of hair loss reduction, and all members of the same group except 3 showed signs of hair re-growth. While there are certainly many options for you to choose from, laser hair regrowth is a viable option with a proven success rate.

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