IPL Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancy – Safe Or Not?

IPL Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancy - Safe Or Not?Laser hair removal and pregnancy. Do they mix? If this is something you are pondering, read on to learn all about IPL laser epilation and whether the top doctors and professionals across the country give their seal of approval to the procedure as well as shed light on some other important laser hair removal facts while pregnant.

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. This form of laser epilation not only reduces the amount of hair in a specific area but treats skin damage and wrinkling as well. Is laser hair removal safe? Yes, usually. But once you are considering the procedure when you are pregnant, some doctors rule in and give their professional opinions.

One professional urges against laser hair removal and pregnancy combination. This includes getting it done by a professional or by utilizing a hair removal machine for women at home. She states that while no harm will come to the baby, damage can result to a pregnant woman’s skin. Melasma may occur due to hormonal changes that women undergo because of over-stimulation of skin pigments from the laser. Any type of skin discoloration may be very hard to treat afterwards so it’s definitely better to avoid it in the first place.

Another professional warns against laser hair removal and pregnancy scenario because there are no studies that have been able to indicate if the process is safe or not. Again, hormones change constantly and raise the risk of hyperpigmentation from the laser treatment. This professional urges women to wait and do the procedure after delivery for safety reasons.

According to other available data sources, pregnancy induces the dilatation of blood vessels due to fluctuating hormones which will cause extreme redness. It’s recommended to wait until after the baby is born before taking on a procedure involving lasers.

Laser hair removal and pregnancy do not mix according to many of the top professionals in the health care world and beauty industry. Also, one would not want to risk redness or any uncomfortable side effect that can result in the procedure. It is best to wait until you deliver before getting any kind of laser epilation procedure scheduled. For now, pregnant women can resort to much safer methods of depilation like waxing or shaving.

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