How To Apply Ardell Individual Lashes With Glue

How To Apply Ardell Individual Lashes With GlueArdell individual lashes are ideal to apply here and there to sparse looking lashes. They come in a variety of lengths, colors, textures and thicknesses. The lashes are usually applied at salons or spas because doing them on your own can be quite challenging. However, with practice you will be applying these semi permanent lashes in no time at all on your own. Read on to learn the techniques of attaching Ardell individual lashes with glue.

The first thing you need to do before applying natural false eyelashes piece by piece is to thoroughly cleanse your face and eye area with soap and water. This will ensure that lashes will go on clean skin, free from oils and dirt that might affect Ardell individual lashes adhesion.

Next, pour a pea sized drop of adhesive onto a small piece of foil. Using a pair of tweezers, select an individual lash cluster you wish to use. Gently swipe it across the adhesive.

Then, place the false lash over top of your natural lash, making sure it as close to the natural lash line as possible. Try not to adhere it onto the skin, but the natural lash itself.

To achieve a natural look, keep medium sized and longer lashes toward the outside of your eye and the shorter pieces toward the inside. If you desire an over the top, bold and dramatic look, go all the way! Your Ardell individual lash kit will have a variety of lengths to choose from.

Your lashes should stay put for a week or two. If you need to remove them, Ardell offers a special product that contains glycol, which will loosen and remove the false lashes. Be sure to avoid make up removers, face wash, and mascaras that contain this ingredient as it will make falsies fall out sooner. Additionally, avoiding eyelash curlers is a key due to the potential damaging effect they might have on your natural lashes. Overall, use extra care around your eye area, no eye rubbing or rough handling as this will affect how long your falsies will stay on.

Ardell individual lashes give you a very high quality look for the price of cheap eyelash extensions. A kit can be purchased for anywhere from $5 and up. Be sure to begin applying the lashes slowly, as it may take a few times to become proficient with handling the lash clusters.

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