Hair Breakage Treatment For Black Hair

Hair Breakage TreatmentEvery woman has unique hair needs. Black women especially may find themselves battling hair breakage and constantly trying different hair management techniques to address common problems with black hair. Black hair is typically very dry and brittle and very often needs hair breakage treatment to minimize hair styling damage. A lot of black women desire hair that is straight not wavy and appears healthy and supple. To achieve this effect many resort to hair relaxers that are strong chemicals that inevitably lead to even drier hair that can even break off at the scalp.

There are many different damaged hair treatments and damaged hair home remedies that many be used for control hair breakage. These will work well to make the hair softer and less dry or brittle.

In fact, the best hair breakage treatment is to go easy with heat styling, using chemical based products and frequent washings. Shampoos will tend to strip the hair of the oils which in turn will make the hair very dry. When you do use shampoo, be sure to use a good conditioner afterwards. This will help replace some of the oils that may be lost during the washings.

Another hair breakage treatment of sorts is to try to avoid tight hair styles such as corn rows. The tighter the hair is styled at the scalp, the more likely that it will start to break. If you do put a “tight” style in your hair, try not to leave it in for extremely long periods of time in order to minimize the damage.

Among other great hair breakage treatment is to use a hot oil treatment for hair. One of the most common is made by VO5. You may also use a quality shampoo and leave in conditioner. When you put in the conditioner be sure to use a wide tooth comb to work the conditioner in your hair. Avoid over brushing as this may make the hair oily and then you will need some oily hair remedies.

If you are having oily hair issues, you can try rinsing your hair with about 4 cups of cool water with a tablespoon of one of the following products like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or white vinegar. All of these acids with help neutralize hair oils.

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