Geisha Hair Accessories – Secrets To The Modern Geisha Look!

Geisha Hair AccessoriesGeisha hair accessories and flawless Asian inspired eye make-up will give you the modern geisha look in minutes! You don’t need the traditional dress of a Maiko to sport a geisha look. You do need dramatic and boldly colored eyes, a slightly washed out look for your foundation and some elegant geisha hair accessories. You can add geisha touches to your appearance for almost any occasion! Whether you are headed to the office, going on a date or you are looking for hair pieces for weddings, small accents or a full out geisha look is a trendy and classy style.

If you only want a touch of the Geisha look, consider looking at hair accessories to create your style. Wooden hair sticks or a hair claw will give any hairstyle an eye-catching flair. There are geisha hair accessories for every type, like hair clips for thick hair that will stay in place whatever the occasion. Geisha hair accessories can be extravagant or subtle. Geisha stick hairpins can be plain or ornamented with jewels. You can wear small silk flowers as geisha hair accessories, or a large flower wrapped around a geisha bun.

If you want to do more than decorate your hair for the modern Geisha style, get out your red or pink eye shadow and prepare to apply it in large amounts! Vibrant colors are needed for your eyes, drawn on in large sweeping motions. You can also wear a geisha styled shirt in lieu of a long dress. Embroidered flowers or tree branches on a brightly colored silk shirt can be worn with trendy jeans or any length skirt to give you a fuller Geisha look. East meets West is the secret to the modern geisha look – touch up your personal style with some Geisha accessories and hit the town!

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