Fusion Bonding Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Fusion Bonding Hair Extensions Pros And ConsIf you are considering getting more length and volume to your mane, bonding hair extensions may be the way to go. Longer lasting, naturally looking and ready to be styled as you wish, there are lots of pros associated with fusion bonding hair extensions. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of these particular extensions.

Bonding is a process of attaching individual clusters of extensions close to a client’s scalp underneath layers of hair so they blend in seamlessly and become virtually unnoticeable. Depending on the condition of your hair, a trained professional will choose a cold or hot fusion bonding method. A cold method is used for super fine hair utilizing sonic technology to harden keratin medium used to glue pieces close to a scalp. Hot method, on the other hand, is suitable for most women and implements glue to seal extensions into the base of client’s hair.


This method creates the strongest non-damaging hold on your extensions, by far superior to weft hair extensions or any other existing method on the market today.

If applied properly, the individual clusters blend seamlessly creating an appearance of fuller, longer style.

Keratin bond is safe to apply to your natural hair and scalp.

They are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures.

Pre bonded hair extensions are the most durable and longer lasting options, up to 6 months.

Invisible hair extensions could be styled as you would your own hair.


Unfortunately, these come with a major con of price, fusion bonded pieces can ring up as high as $1000 depending how many you need and where you go to get them.

They take a very long time to apply. The usual application time for bonding hair extensions is 3 hours.

You should only get them removed in a salon by a professional with a special tool that cracks and then softens the bond.

Unexpected bond detachment could be embarrassing and you could be avoided by not using any oil based styling products and going easy on your blow drying routine.

Bonding hair extensions have a combination of pros and cons. If you desire completely natural looking extensions giving you length and fullness and you don’t mind the price, then these hair extensions are for you. If you occasionally want to play up your look and do not want to shell out a lot of cash, clip in extensions may be more your speed.

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