Frontal Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Frontal Hair Loss TreatmentThere are several methods of frontal hair loss treatment, however not all of them have proven successful, so how do you know which process to choose to reverse hair loss? Whether you have hair loss vitamin deficiency, or patchy hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia, there are frontal loss hair treatment options that can work for you.

If natural hair regrowth is not something you foresee, consider using onion juice for hair loss. It may sound crazy, but the juice of an onion rubbed into your scalp three times a week can rejuvenate hair follicles. You will need a juicer to properly extract the juice, and make sure you cover your scalp with a shower cap for twenty minutes after each application. It is also suggested you use this simultaneously with a hair treatment solution like Rogaine. The onion juice should be used as a supplement to other methods.

Having a surgical procedure is another frontal hair loss treatment. One surgical procedure, known as grafting, transplants hair follicles to the frontal regions of the scalp. This is a permanent solution as follicles are taken from healthy parts of the scalp and grafted to the temples and frontal area, thus rejuvenating and re-growing hair in those regions. This is an expensive procedure, but the results are usually extremely successful.

Another frontal loss hair treatment surgical method is flap surgery. Healthy flaps of your skin, or someone else’s that are able to grow hair follicles, are placed over the patches that are unable to grow hair. This is a permanent solution to hair loss! If you want to try other methods before surgery, minoxidil is an FDA approved option. You can purchase products from the brand names Rogaine and Kirkland Minoxidil that will stop your hairline from receding.

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