Feathers In Hair Trend – Hot or Not?

Feathers In Hair TrendThe feathers in hair trend has certainly taken off on a huge national and international level. The affordable rooster feather hair extensions are easy to add and easy to maintain. They also come in a variety of colors, which contributes to the feathers in hair trend maintaining a high level of popularity. As far as hair accessories go, the feathers in hair trend took off like a shot, but will probably wane soon due to environmental concerns.

If you take time to ask the right questions, you can find clip in feather hair extensions that are animal cruelty free. Unfortunately, the trend took off so fast that poultry farmers found a way to make a quick buck and the standards in which the roosters live, as well as how they are plucked, are not always healthy or safe to the animals providing the hair feathering. In an unusual twist, fishermen are also complaining as rooster feathers are used for lures, and the feathers in hair trend became so big, a shortage of rooster feather lures occurred.

Another trend that existed before hair feathers, and is continuing to remain popular, is hair tinsel. Again, it is easy and affordable and there is no harm done to any animal. It is also a little more versatile as it is subtler and can be worn many more places. Hair tinsel is great for hair pieces for weddings, a perfect accessory for a night on the town or to wear on a regular daily basis. Hair feathers are fun and are definitely still popular, however awareness of where and how the feathers came to be produced as a hair accessory is very important. If your feather was farmed by torturing a rooster, perhaps hair tinsel can be considered as a very trendy replacement.

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