Facial Hair Removal For Men Laser Vs Electrolysis

Facial Hair Removal For Men Laser Vs Electrolysis When it comes to facial hair removal for men, there are many options to eliminate or decrease the texture of that “five o’clock shadow” for good. Utilizing laser or electrolysis devices are two of the most popular ways to get rid of facial growth. How are they alike and different? Read on to learn which method of facial hair removal for men is for you.

The effects of laser hair removal have been praised and raved about by many men. However, it is only most effective when used on men who have light skin and darker hair follicles. In fact, many men who are prime candidates for laser purchase their own at home laser hair removal machine.

It takes multiple sessions, even when you are an ideal candidate for laser the procedure, so in the long run it may be wise to invest in your own device rather than going into a doctor or dermatologist’s office. Many who are candidates for a laser procedure choose Yag laser hair removal because it is known for minimal side effects like scarring or leaving dark patches of color.

Laser facial hair removal for men is relatively painless and safe to use on ideal candidates. One may be slightly sore after use and should stay out of the sun and be sure to receive a thorough consultation before getting this procedure done, especially for those who are utilizing an at home device.

Electrolysis is another popular procedure when it comes to hair removal for men, especially on their face. Hairs on the face can be coarse and stubborn, but after enough treatments, electrolysis can get rid of that pesky stubble for good! Electrolysis is a process that removes hair that can be used on anyone, despite their skin or hair coloring. It stings and pricks the follicles, eventually stopping any future growth at the root, similar to a laser. Some users claim it is much stronger than a laser and more effective.

Both procedures are fairly time consuming because each individual hair follicle needs to be targeted. Both procedures are not cheap either. Because you usually need multiple sessions to remove unwanted facial hair, you can spend anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on where you live. On average, it takes a person 3-6 visits to the doctor to notice a significant change in the amount of hair they have on the face.

Facial hair removal for men is a great idea in theory but can be costly, time consuming, and may not permanently remove all hair in some cases.

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