Elos Vs IPL Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness Compared

Laser Hair Removal EffectivenessLaser hair removal effectiveness is the main reason you want to embark on removing unwanted areas of hair. How do you know which kind is most effective? And do you find yourself asking, “Laser hair removal does it work?” Read on to help educate yourself about Elos and IPL laser hair removal and their characteristics and effectiveness in order to choose the right procedure for you.

Elos is a laser system that is known for its laser hair removal effectiveness and requires little to no down time, which is important for busy women and mothers on the go. You are able to utilize the system on your face and the most sensitive areas on your body like your under arms and bikini area. It permanently removes hair follicles and it can even get rid of light colored white, gray, red, and blonde hair! Don’t worry about your skin color, Elos works on all types of skin too! This is a big difference from some other lasers that do not work on light hair because there is not enough melanin produced in the hair follicle to react with the laser. No need for the use of hair removing cream anymore, because this system requires just a few treatments until you are hair-free for good! The Elos is also known for little to no laser hair removal side effects, so you can relax and remove your pesky hair safely and effectively.

IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is also known for its laser hair removal effectiveness. Requiring slight laser hair removal preparation, the system boasts powerful results. Many studies have been conducted on the use of IPL and shows that hair removal is extremely long lasting or permanent in some cases. It goes below the skin’s surface to destroy active hairs and prevent new ones from forming. Safe to use, the light is created by a flash lamp and put directly on the skin by a device. Unwanted rays are filtered out of the skin and the light only targets melanin in the hair follicles. After a few treatments, you should notice a decrease in hair.

Which method is more effective? Elos seems to have slightly better results with lighter hair pigments and fewer reports of side effects and damages, although both methods are relatively safe. IPL can be utilized in the comfort of your own home, so if you prefer convenience over results, then that system is more geared for your needs. However, both systems have shown laser hair removal effectiveness in one regard or another.

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