Dry Itchy Scalp Hair Loss in Men Causes

Itchy Scalp Hair LossCommon emotional and internal causes of dry itchy scalp resulting in hair loss in men are stress, fever, hormone imbalance, sweating too much, overly acidic diet, and digestive issues. Externally, it can be harsh cleansing shampoo, bad rinsing of shampoo, too much blow drying, hot showers, color perms, too much gel and hairspray, and tight hats or caps.

Dry itchy scalp hair loss is also often a direct result of dandruff, and there are different types of dandruff that exist in men. There is a fungus named pityriasis, which lives on scalps but it is mostly dormant. As for the reasons for the itchy scalp, doctors think that there is a genetic predisposition to this fungus, and some argue that the PH level of the dry scalp is also important. It is probably a bit of both. When the skin sheds each month, the scalp sheds too. The new cells are pushing away the old, outside the deep skin layers. However, if the fungus is spreading in the itchy scalp, cells begin to regenerate fast, and new cells form too quickly. There is no space or a moment of the old cells to dissolve, so the old cells build up on the scalp surface.

The fungus eats fatty acids. This it finds in the oils made by the oil glands in the scalp. The fungus can also survive off of a dry scalp, and the scalp itself becomes even more dry as a result. The fungus creates acids which cause irritation in the scalp, and this is one of the causes for itchy scalp and hair loss in men. Sometimes there is also dandruff simply due to a very dry scalp. The lack of oils makes the scalp crack. This is often seen in a frizzy hair scalp type.

It is important to note that on dry dandruff, anti – dandruff shampoos do not work. It may be better to just moisturize the itchy scalp. For example, the hair that is treated with Rogaine actually develops the dryness, because it has a high amount of alcohol. Somewhat ironic, this treatment can inflame with dandruff or itchiness. While it is common that with dry scalp hair loss occurs, hair loss can also happen with greasy dandruff, which are scales that remain stuck on the head in bits. These can be irritating because bacteria can form. The itchiness can get very severe. This fungus often turns into dermatitis, which is a rash and greasy dandruff, sometimes shedding all the way to the eyebrows.

Other reasons for dry itchy scalp can be Tinea Capitis, which is scalp ringworm. This one is a fungal infection with moldy fungi which will cause red patches on the skin with resulting dry scalp and hair loss. This condition is better treated fast, or it can turn into cicatricial alopecia, which has the peeling of sking with rashes and blisters on the scalp. Creams which contain clotrimazole and miconazole will treat this rash. This rash is contagious.

The other disease can be Psoriasis, and it has the cells replacing themselves so quickly that there are red marks with scales, and severe itching, as well as affected dry scalp hair loss baldness for that temporary time.

For this issue, a shampoo with zinc pyrithione is effective because it is anti-fungal and this ingredient is a menace to fungus. Some natural solutions are avocado and birch oil.
Sometimes psoriasis can be cause via underlying problems with health such as low iron or anemia in the body, or even lover disease. So iron deficiency and hair loss are linked, and the resultant psoriasis can aggravate the itchy scalp. To prevent low iron and itchy scalp as its consequence, a proper diet is recommended, since the itchy scalp could have resulted in a misbalanced PH level and a bad lifestyle diet.

Some Vitamins and supplements to prevent dry scalp hair loss are: Omega 3 oil, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Zinc. These all contribute to good skin health, whether on the scalp or body. These nutrients are also very important in absorbing Iron properly, and high levels of iron are important for overall health and scalp health. Maintaining overall health seems to be the main key of all health answers. The body is a strong yet delicate system; it can only survive so much dietary or mental abuse before setting up alarm signals. Listen to your body and scalp, be gentle to your skin, and always take note what you are putting on your skin, because no hair loss product brand cares about you as much as you care about yourself.

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