Does Hair Regrowth Shampoo Work?

Hair Regrowth ShampooWe are on the hunt for the best hair regrowth shampoo on the market. The first product we will review is called Nioxin Shampoo for thinning hair. This shampoo technology involves a few features within it:

BioAmp are proteins which will make your hair seem thicker, and they will also add strength to the hair from the inside of the cuticle. Cystine acids are what seals the follicle on top and repairs some damage. SmoothPlex technology will offer Kukui nut oil with Silk amino acids. This will add not only moisture and shine, but also control. Glyco – color shield will protect the skin of the scalp and reduce irritation from any hair coloring services. The actually transactive delivery system will bring vitamins and moisture into hair in a time release system. Scalp Access will ensure that the scalp also receives protein and moisture.

Nioxin has a clarifying cleansing hair regrowth shampoo which will always take care to soften hard water and remove mineral deposits from hair. This shampoo also promises to remove chlorine and outdoors damage.

When Nioxin’s regrowth shampoo removes sebum from the scalp, it removes testosterone, which removes DHT. This aids to preserve the hair. Nioxin seems to invigorate the scalp with its mint, and it will probably improve circulation of the scalp, giving a better environment for hair growth.

Next we will compare Nisim Fast Shampoo. This is a hair regrowth shampoo with current technology which has no Sulfate added, so Nisim slightly modernized its take on the hair regrowth shampoo. It still provides deep cleansing, and this shampoo neutralizes the presence of DHT. This is also a great choice for women since it is safe on color treated hair.

Nisim FAST shampoo seems to contain among its natural ingredients: Biotin, ginseng, wheat protein, and unlike Nioxin, Nisim does contain sulfate, which is somewhat abrasive for hair and strips hair of some oils. Customer reviews are mixed, but it seems that Nisim FAST can offer an extra inch of hair growth per month than what you would of originally had without the shampoo. This hair regrowth shampoo helps feed the hair and may indeed be effecting in preserving hair quality and reduce breakage.

The amino acids probably create a good similar environment for hair regrowth in like the company of Nioxin. Nisim works because it will make your hair feel better and when combined with the proper diet, it can provide the fast hair growth.

Hair growth shampoos are often combined with other products for hair stimulation and growth. It is a good idea to take supplements of Vitamin E, Biotin, or to ask for Pre-natal vitamins to increase healthy vitamin intake. You can also combine shampoos with herbal aids such as rubbing aloe vera gel to have a good scalp, and massaging the scalp with Rosemary or lavender oils to promote a tingling sensation and to aid blood circulation.

Ovation hair therapy did not pass with flying colors for us. After many reviews and , this product slightly fails to deliver. From the kit, the cell therapy cream is supposed to have an effect on the hair growth. The company backs this by stating that the cream contains amino acids and extends the hair life. The company does warn that they are not in the business of treating hair loss. So, the products will simply provide with silkier, softer hair and perhaps improve the quality of already fair hair, perhaps the shampoo will also reduce some future damage. The products probably do not strip the hair of its natural oils like many abrasive shampoos do. The higher the price, the better the quality of conditioning. The company uses Vitamin B5 and promises this vitamin extends the hair life. The phase may be slightly extended, but hair loss is definitely not prevented.

We have found a men’s natural brand of hair regrowth shampoo from Just Natural and it has has the Vitamin B5 ingredient to remove excess sebum from hair and it releases stuck hair follicles. The added ingredients boast about Omega3 from a Chia seed. The Omega-3 acids helped with circulation and they improve hair root health. Also added is capsicum, which helps with hair growth by also stimulating scalp blood flow. This hair regrowth shampoo is free of sodium lauryl and sulfate.

The ingredient list is very very impressive, with many natural products: Aloe Vera, soapwort , birch extract, chamomile, plantain extract, silk protein, Chia seed oil, Saw Palmetto Extract, Coco Glucoside, horsetail extract, carrot root oil, Nettle root, Capsicum, Guarani seed, and essential oils of cedarwood, rosemary, lavender, Vitamin B5, cucumber seed, and the Chinese He Shou Wu extract, Amica, Marigold flower, and Vitamin E. Wow! Talking about a dangerous hair growth recipe!

This shampoo would be very interesting to try and men everywhere should definitely give this one a go if they are in their mid twenties with most of their hair still intact on their head. Testimonials claim that it takes about 2 to 3 months to see full results.

So there you have it! Try one of the products listed above and tell us what you think on our Facebook page!

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