Different Types of Hair Extensions Guide

Different Types of Hair ExtensionsIf you are considering using hair extension to add volume or length to your natural hair, you must first choose an extension type from the many different types of hair extensions. This can seem a little overwhelming when you start learning about the different types of hair extensions and the process used to fuse them to your own hair. There are so many different types of hair extensions that it can be very confusing. Hair extensions come in a variety of shapes, colors, adhering processes and lengths, so make sure you know how much you want to spend, how long you want them to last and what you are willing to put your natural hair through to keep your extensions in place.

Here is a short guide to the different types of hair extensions that exist:

Weft Hair Extensions: Weft extensions are long segments of hair that can be glued or sewn into your natural hair. They are often times very cost effective and can be replaced easily. They will not, however, give you the most natural look of all of the extension choices.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions: Micro loop extensions will look more natural than weft extensions but they will be more expensive and are more labor intensive to apply. Natural hair is woven through a small loop and then micro beads fasten the extension to your hair.

Clip in Feather Hair Extensions: This is a very hot trend at the moment! Rooster feathers, available in a variety of colors, are clipped into your natural hair as a stylish accessory.

Invisible Hair Extensions: This is an extremely arduous procedure, however the results are flawless! Human skin is adhered to your scalp and hair is attached to the skin. You will have a very natural and full head of beautiful hair if you choose invisible extensions!

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