Damaged Hair Treatment At Home – Mayonnaise Vs Oil!

Damaged Hair Treatment At Home - Mayonnaise Vs Oil!You may have heard it all! Eggs, avocado, mayonnaise, vegetable and even coconut oils can be used as damaged hair treatment. But which ones work the best and how often should you incorporate them into your hair beauty regimen? Read on to see how the two most common household ingredients, mayonnaise and oil can be used as damaged hair home remedies and which one you should choose.

Don’t run out to the drug store if you are in need of products for frizzy hair, open your refrigerator or pantry! Said to be possibly the best hair treatment for damaged hair; mayonnaise has moisturizing, softening, and shine increasing qualities!

Mayonnaise’s thick and creamy consistency acts as a great hair conditioner. Besides oil it contains egg yolks and lemon juice that both have very beneficial hair properties. Mayonnaise will not have a tendency to leave hair weighed down the way vegetable oil will. However, it can have more of an odor and should be washed out several times with shampoo. To use it as a deep conditioning damaged hair treatment simply scoop some mayo out of the jar and comb it all over your hair, massaging it slightly into the scalp. Put a shower cap and a towel over top to prevent dripping and to ensure moisture stays locked in. After 20 minutes, rinse out with warm water and shampoo, condition as usual. It is a very affordable alternative to expensive products branded as luxury deep conditioners.

Vegetable oil, on the other hand, should usually be concentrated more toward the dry and split hair ends. Many women rub a small amount on their ends and sleep with it overnight to use as a damaged hair treatment. If you apply too much oil or really massage it into the scalp and let it sit overnight, you are potentially setting yourself up for an overly oily mess; especially if you have problems with an oily scalp to begin with. Oil works great, just in very small amounts. If you do not want to leave it on overnight, simple massage it onto your ends, let it sit for a half hour and wash and condition you hair as usual. Out of an assortment of oils, coconut oil has proven to be the most beneficial for your tresses supplying them with shine and moisture.

If you have to pick between the two, mayonnaise will do the trick as a deep conditioner without weighing your hair down, adds shine, softens the scalp, and will even add some thickness and body to your natural locks. Mayo is also affordable and serves as an ideal damaged hair treatment.

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