Cost of Eyelash Extensions At a Salon

Cost of Eyelash ExtensionsHave you ever asked yourself, “How much do eyelash extensions cost?”. Eyelash extensions liven up any look. They make eyes appear wider, and lashes lusher and darker. However, the cost of eyelash extensions varies. Read on to learn about professional eyelash extensions and how much you should expect to pay from purchase to application and regular maintenance.

Good eyelash extensions price tags can be hefty, but are much more affordable than permanent lash extensions. In many high end salons in major cities, you can expect the cost to be around $200 to get a full eyelash extension service and application. In more rural salons, the cost of eyelash extensions and their application runs anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on which set you get.

Lash extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes can last about 8 weeks when your own lash falls out if you regularly maintain them.
You may wish to purchase the lash extensions online, as many beauty sites and boutiques boast sales and offer discounted prices. This will cut down on the cost of eyelash extensions themselves, only requiring you to pay for a professional’s assistance with the application process. Great brands of lash extensions that are boast worthy are MAC, Xtreme Lashes, and Novalash.

In order to maintain your lash extensions you need to invest in a few products. Lash extension glue is a formula specially designed to complement and securely hold your extensions in place. Be sure to go organic when it comes to putting anything near your eye, as many glue brands use formaldehyde as one of their main ingredients, which is very harmful to your body. Also, if you wish to play up your false lashes, utilize special mascara that is specifically designed for lash extensions. This kind of mascara is oil free and waterproof, so it won’t damage the extensions or shorten their shelf life. Finally, you will want to invest in eyelash extension remover to apply a fresh set. This will help you get rid of any traces of lash extension glue or make up residue that can cause infection or irritation in your eyes. Each of these products run anywhere from $5 to $20, so be prepared to add another $50 to your lashes and their application.

Natural looking false eyelashes are an investment. The cost of eyelash extensions are a beauty investment and will give you the confidence you desire and the beauty you deserve.

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